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Top 10 Reasons People Move

Top 10 Reasons People Move

1- To Get a Better House

2- To Establish a Family

3-To Get a New Job

4- To Find a Cheaper Home

5- To Own a Home, Not Rent a Home

6- For an Easier Commute

7- A Change in Marital Status

8-To Get a Better Neighborhood

9- Looking for a Job

10- Retirement

Are you restless where you live? Maybe you are a college student who wants to have more opportunities to socialize. Or maybe you have always lived in the same state and want new scenery. Perhaps, you just want more space for your family and for yourself. If this is so, you probably wonder if it is time to move.

Of course, this is a very tough decision. One way to help the decision-making process is to examine other people’s motivations to move. The US Census Bureau did a survey to find the main reasons why people moved. Compare these reasons to see if moving is right for you.

(Source Wheaton World Wide Moving)

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