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Prepping Your Pool to Sell

Don’t let your pool be what’s steering buyers away from your home—make it the main attraction and a must-have home feature! Here are some easy ways to spruce up your pool before it goes on the market this spring.

Rid any weathering or damage.

Take into account the type of pool you have: vinyl, fiberglass, concrete. Even if you updated the interior three years ago, it may be worth updating before you put your home on the market.

Check for leaks.

Have your pool pump and system checked thoroughly before buyers have a look for themselves. You don’t want a potential problem with the system to have buyers concerned or second guessing themselves.

Re-do the caulk.

If you are in an area with harsh winters or extreme heat, replace old caulk or add to any newly damaged areas in order to bring your pool back to better condition and help prevent future damage from occurring. Fresh caulk will also be a different color because it’s new and not weathered, so it may be worth redoing for structural purposes as well as a clean look.


Take the extra time to garden and get rid of dead or decaying shrubs from the winter weather, and plant far enough away from the pool where debris won’t pose an issue. Fencing is usually ideal to have and is often times required for safety purposes. If you already have a fence, consider power washing, repainting, or any maintenance you can do. Be sure you are up to date with any rules and regulations for pools in your area.

Chemical balance and filters.

This is important for safety reasons, and so that your pool is the sparkling crystal-clear color that will be enticing to buyers. 


Have a pleasing way of storing pool supplies like a shed or storage unit that matches the tone of your outdoor space. Whether its chemicals, toys, or the pool cover—nothing should be left lying around. Showing how organized the pool equipment is will also hold a strong appeal with potential buyers.

Make a splash with possible buyers by keeping these tips in mind!

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